We raise 2 breeds of duck for both meat & eggs.

They are the Pekin & Muscovy.

Our ducks are raised on pasture which results in a

much less fatty meat than those raised commercially. 

They are also supplemented with non medicated,

non GMO feed.

Since they are raised on pasture it does take longer

for them to reach table weight, but the difference in 

taste is worth it.

Pekin - a common breed of duck with great tasting

meat, they are a creamy white color, very chatty & 

are hilarious to watch. We can guarantee that spending 10 minutes with them will make you smile, they are

just goof balls.

Muscovy - p
rized for their amazing meat which

has been compared to many expensive cuts of beef,

it is also one of the healthiest meats on the market

today, being at least 98% fat free. Muscovy eggs are delicious, their taste is rich & they are considered a delicacy. They are very broad breasted, active foragers,

dedicated mothers, good fliers & are the quietest breed

of duck. They come in many colors including black,

blue & chocolate & we have examples of each!


2019 Pastured Duck Pricing

Prices Per lb

Next ducks available November 2019

- Muscovy & Pekin

Call/text for availability of duck eggs

Whole - $6 

Breast Skin-On - $12 - Sold Out

 Leg Quarters - $8 - Sold Out

Hearts - $4 - Sold Out

Liver - $6 - Sold Out

Necks - $2.50 - Sold Out

Carcass - $2.50 - Sold Out

Feet - $3.50 per dozen - Sold Out

Eggs - $5 per dozen


Sustainably, Ethically & Humanely Raised Heritage Livestock. 

Pastured Pork, Chicken, Goose & Duck. Truly Free Range Chicken & Duck Eggs.

100% Grass-Fed & Grass Finished Beef & Lamb 

Organically Raised Heirloom Fruits & Vegetables in Geauga County, Ohio.

Duck Eggs - contain more protein, calories, Omega 3, vitamins & minerals than chicken eggs.  They are prized for making homemade pasta. they are also larger & richer with more albumen making cakes & pastries fluffier,

moister & richer.  

They are also an alkaline producing food,

one of the few foods that leave your body more alkaline which is a great benefit to

cancer patients as cancer cells do not thrive

in an alkaline environment. 

Another benefit is that most people

who are allergic to chicken eggs are able to eat duck eggs without allergic reactions, though please discuss this with your doctor first.