Sustainably, Ethically & Humanely Raised Heritage Livestock. 

Pastured Pork, Chicken, Goose & Duck. Truly Free Range Chicken & Duck Eggs.

100% Grass-Fed & Grass Finished Beef & Lamb in Geauga County, Ohio.


We have chosen to raise African Dewlap geese.

Our breeding stock came from the renown

Holderread Waterfowl Preservation in Oregon.

These geese are on the Livestock Conservancy's Endangered List.


Our geese are totally free ranged on our property during the day light hours, but put in the stable

at night for their protection. They are 

supplemented with non GMO grain.

African geese are long-lived & will produce for

many years under normal circumstances. Eggs

are large, weighing 5-8 ounces & hatch in 30-32

days. Geese form bonds with their mates & each

gander can be mated with two to six geese,

depending on the individual birds.

The African goose produces high quality, lean

meat & is considered a premier roasting goose averaging between 12 & 15 lbs.


2018 Pastured Goose Pricing

Sold Out for 2018

We have a limited # of geese available this

year. They will be sold whole for

Thanksgiving & Christmas.

There is a $20 non-refundable deposit which

will be applied to the final sale price.

Prices Per lb -

Whole Goose - $8 

Feet - $6 dzn

Goose Eggs - $3 each 

Goose Eggs - $15 half dozen