Sustainably, Ethically & Humanely Raised Heritage Livestock. 

Pastured Pork, Chicken, Goose & Duck. Truly Free Range Chicken & Duck Eggs.

100% Grass-Fed & Grass Finished Beef & Lamb 

Organically Raised Heirloom Fruits & Vegetables in Geauga County, Ohio.


We raise 75% Gloucestershire Old Spot/ 20% Large Black/ 5% Berkshire heritage pigs on pasture & woods with a diet supplemented with

non GMO feed, apples from our orchards, extra

eggs & vegetables that we grow organically

on the farm. Unlike commercially raised pigs which take 5 months to get to table size, our pigs take 

10 months which results in a richer tasting meat.

They are excellent foragers & grazers, are smart,

have a docile, friendly personality & they are

great mothers with lots of milk. They follow you around like (large) dogs & are always thrilled to

see you!  We are very happy with them.

All 3 breeds originated from the UK, where the Gloucestershire Old Spot (GOS) is known as the

"Orchard Pig". The Gloucestershire Old Spot is

also supported by the British Royal Family who

favor it for their table.  Large Blacks are great foragers & have excellent maternal skills, they are known as a bacon breed. Berkshire pork is a premium pork product that is often compared to Kobe beef & 

some refer to it as the “other red meat.” The Japanese have long recognized the value of Berkshire pork & they call it “Kurobuta” which means “black pig.” In Japan the meat is highly prized & sought after.

These breeds are known for their succulent,

heavily marbled, deep colored & tender meat.


2019 Heritage Pork Pricing

$3.75 per lb for whole 
$3.95 per lb for half 

1/2s & Whole Sold Out for 2019 - we will

still have individual cuts for sale

Based on hanging weight. Processing & packaging extra (this is paid directly to the butcher when picking up your pork). ​A 

non-refundable deposit of $100/ $200

per half/whole hog is required

when ordering, this will be applied to the

final cost. All custom pork must be paid for

in full before pick up from the butcher.

Individual Cuts - Prices Per lb

 Spare/ Baby Back Ribs - $7 

Bacon - Hickory & Peppered - $10 - Sold Out

Belly - $8 

Leg/ Shoulder Steaks - $7

Bones for Stock - $2.50

Country Style Ribs - $7 

Ground Pork - $6.50 

Fresh / Smoked Ham Hock  - $4.50

Fresh Ham Roast (Fresh, Bone-In) - $7

Fresh Ham Roast (Bone-Less) - $8

​Ham/Gammon Steaks - $8

Jowl - $5.50

Lard/Leaf Lard (Unrendered) - $2.50

Liver-Heart-Tail-Tongue - $3

Loin & Rib Chops (Bone-In) - $8

Loin Chops (Bone-Less) - $9 

Loin Roast (Bone-Less) - $9 

Pork Skin - $2 - Sold Out

Shoulder-Picnic-Butt Roasts (Bone-In) - $7

Shoulder-Picnic-Butt Roasts (Bone-Less) - $8

​Sausage Bulk (Salt &Pepper, Chorizo,

Hot Italian, Sweet Italian) - $7
Sausage Links (Salt & Pepper
, Hot & Sweet Italian, Chorizo & Bratwurst) - $7.50 

Stew Cubes - $8 

 Tenderloin - $12​