Sustainably, Ethically & Humanely Raised Heritage Livestock. 

Pastured Pork, Chicken, Goose & Duck. Truly Free Range Chicken & Duck Eggs.

100% Grass-Fed & Grass Finished Beef & Lamb in Geauga County, Ohio.


We will raise the Standard Bronze & Bourbon Red heritage turkeys in 2018. Both breeds have placed highly in numerous recent taste tests & are also on The Livestock Conservancy's preservation list. 

They do take longer to get to size than the traditional white turkey which accounts for 98% of all turkeys purchased for Thanksgiving (on average 8-9 months versus 4-5 months), but the extra wait is worth it for 

their amazing, rich taste.

Bourbon Reds - originally called Bourbon Butternuts,

they have a large breast and richly flavored, darker 

meat. Appearance wise they are a deep, rich red color with white tail and white wing feathers. They weigh between 10-18 lbs at 8 months old.

Standard Bronze - single breasted, originally developed

by crossing Naragansetts with Eastern Wild turkeys. Their meat has a superior flavor. Their weights range between 12-20 lbs.

Our turkeys are healthy & friendly, they free range

on our 60 acres during the day (with occasional visits

to the woods over the road for acorns!) & roost at night

in their 'turkey hut' which keeps them safe from predators. They are supplemented with non GMO grains which are antibiotic & hormone free.

Heritage Turkey Pricing - 2018

Price Per lb

Whole - $6

Feet - $4 per dozen

Please call or text 440.313.4179 or send

us an email to pre-order for the 2018 

Holiday season.

We will raise around 35 turkeys this year

so please order early if you would like one

as they always sell out. 

A non refundable deposit of $20 is required which will be applied to the final cost.